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How to Leverage Employer Branding to Attract and Retain Talent

Welcome to the wild world of employer branding. where your company's mojo meets the job market. Think it's just another HR buzzword? You won't after reading this!

In today's job landscape, where layoffs loom large but snagging top-notch talent feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, your employer brand is more than just a fancy facade. It's the magnetic personality of your company.

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What Exactly Is Employer Branding?

Ever wondered what makes a company more like a magnet and less like a repelling force? It’s all about employer branding. Employer branding is essentially how you market your company to job seekers and current employees. It's the vibe you give off that either attracts talent or has them buzzing away faster than you can say "benefits package."

According to the pros at Workable, it's your company's reputation as an employer, spiced up with your values, culture, and the glittering promises of your employer persona.

Key aspects include:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Purpose

Communicating your Employer Brand

Let’s face it, if your job postings read like a grocery list, you’re doing it all wrong. In the throes of a market flooded with candidates, it’s not about drawing a crowd; it’s about drawing the right crowd. Your job ads shouldn’t just tick off tasks. They should sing your company's praises, tell your story, and echo your impact on the community and the world at large.

Communication is king, and your employer brand should reign across all platforms, including your website, social media, and every job description should be dripping with your company's unique flavor. Don't let your marketing team have all the fun. HR needs to get in on this action too because employer branding is as crucial as any product ad. After all, your people are your powerhouse—they’re the reason you can deliver those outstanding products and services.

Next up, let’s talk about turning your employees into brand ambassadors. Because who better to brag about your company than the folks who live and breathe it every day?

The Power of Brand Ambassadors

Think of brand ambassadors as your company’s cheerleaders and champions. They’re armed with genuine experiences and social media savvy. A brand ambassador isn't just anyone. They're your engaged employees who are jazzed about your company and eager to share their journey.

This isn’t just about putting a human face on your brand. Rather, it's about leveraging their influence to foster organic, authentic connections both inside and outside the organization.

At Lighthouse Technology Services, their brand ambassador program isn’t just a perk. It’s a cornerstone of their retention and recruitment strategy. The results? Not only has it kept our turnover rate at bay (no quits in over three years!), but it’s also amplified their presence in the community, boosting both employee satisfaction and our recruitment reach.

Leveraging Real-World Data to Showcase Your Brand’s Impact

Now, let's talk numbers because data doesn’t lie.

Over the last quarter, the personal LinkedIn activities of Lighthouse's team members outperformed their official company page in terms of engagement and reach. Why? Because people connect with people. Novel, eh?

Content shared by an actual human in their network feels more genuine than when it comes from a corporate account. This human touch not only enhances the credibility of the content but also increases its relatability, encouraging more interactions and a broader reach.

This insight isn't revolutionary, but it underscores the importance of empowering your employees to be vocal and visible proponents of your brand. Whether it’s through Google reviews, LinkedIn interactions, or even internal shout-outs, each action taken by an employee helps to weave a richer narrative about your company, attracting more like-minded talents who are eager to be part of your story.

Strategies to Supercharge Your Employer Branding

Now that we've laid the groundwork, it's showtime! Implementing employer branding elements into your recruitment and retention strategies can make your company the talk of the town. Or at least the talk of the industry. Here’s how Lighthouse Technology Services does it:

  1. Google Reviews and LinkedIn Posts: Every interaction, every placement, every ticket resolved ends with a nudge for a review. It’s not nagging. It’s nurturing a culture of feedback that celebrates  successes and constantly improves service. For LinkedIn, the whole crew gets involved. Posts are a team sport. Everyone gets a chance to share.
  2. Employee Spotlights: From birthday shout-outs to celebrating work anniversaries, they make sure every team member knows they’re a star. These posts are opportunities for the team to feel seen, valued, and connected. Whether it’s on the company website or across social media channels, they make each spotlight about celebrating and sharing our team's unique contributions and milestones.

The Heartbeat Of Your Organization

Wrapping it up, remember, your employer brand is more than just a marketing tool. It's the heartbeat of your organization. It's what attracts the crème de la crème to your door and keeps them from wandering off.

Think of your employer branding strategy as the ultimate mixtape. Whether it's through authentic LinkedIn posts, celebrating every birthday, or championing local causes, these efforts harmonize to create a workplace that's not just seen as a stepping stone but as a destination. So keep it real, keep it vibrant, and watch as your employer brand turns job seekers into passionate brand ambassadors and loyal team members.

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Alex Sumner