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Fun Workplace Icebreaker Games

Boosting employee morale, fostering a sense of community, and establishing an inclusive atmosphere might seem like seemingly impossible tasks. Fortunately, icebreakers make it simple to promote camaraderie and trust within a team. However, the sheer thought of participating in uncomfortable group activities can make employees squirm. The following icebreakers breathe fun and lightheartedness into team building, allowing co-workers to bond with great ease.  

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts require collaboration and diverse thinking. With that said, they effortlessly encourage teamwork. Not only are scavenger hunts engaging, but they also force participants to band together in the name of victory. As distinct personalities and thinking styles start to intertwine, employees will learn more about their colleagues and begin to appreciate their unique traits and quirks.

Jenga With A Twist
A tricky game of clever maneuvering, Jenga holds universal appeal. To put a collaborative spin on this beloved game, add questions to each wooden block. When a player successfully removes a block, they'll have to answer the question and, in turn, offer more insight into who they are. Be sure that the questions aren’t too personal. Inquiring about their favorite ice cream flavor or asking about their fondest memory are good starting points.

Toilet Paper Truths
With one measly roll of toilet paper, you can get employees to spill their guts. Pass the roll around the room, and ask everyone to rip off the number of pieces they’d usually use. Though rather intimate, everyone’s involvement will make the tone less awkward. Once everyone’s revealed their toilet paper preferences, have them count their pieces. For each piece they’ve ripped, they have to share a fun fact about themselves.

Team Jigsaw Puzzle
Nothing is more satisfying or rewarding than completing a puzzle. With increased participation, this popular pastime becomes even more entertaining. After assigning a portion of the puzzle to different team members, have them work together to solve the jigsaw. For some harmless competition, consider pitting teams against one another. This added incentive will create an even greater sense of collaboration.

Online Quizzes
Online quizzes are a simple yet effective way to break the ice. The different responses will inspire thoughtful conversations and togetherness. As co-workers get to know one another, have them guess how the person sitting next to them would answer the question. When colleagues feel seen, heard, and understood, they’re more likely to forge authentic relationships.

Never Have I Ever
The premise of this game is incredibly straightforward. Players must share something that they’ve never done before. Something as trivial as dyeing their hair will suffice. If someone in the group has done this, they have to put a finger down. As the game progresses, employees will gain a better understanding of who their colleagues are and what makes them tick.

Don’t Drop The Egg
For this exercise, all you’ll need is an egg, tape, straws, and utensils. Using these random materials, employees must build a structure that will prevent the egg from falling. In other words, co-workers will have to join forces to support and preserve their fragile egg. Each member must contribute one idea, and their suggestion will illustrate how daring, reserved, or innovative they are.

Sentence Building
Both unexpected and enlightening, this word game will elicit a good laugh. The person who starts the game will say the first word that comes to mind. The next person in line will do the same, but the catch is that the connecting words have to make a cohesive sentence. By the end of it, the sentence will be so bizarre and hilarious that no one will realize it was actually a bonding activity.

Don’t Smile
There’s not much to this exercise, and that’s the beauty of it. One person will be the target, and everyone else must attempt to make this individual smile. As players try their hand at getting the target to crack a smile, they’ll unknowingly show their comedic side. What’s more, it’ll make onlookers aware of the target’s sense of humor. Since laughter is the best medicine, this game will prove an amusing and delightful activity for all.

What If?
A hypothetical game for the ages, this question exercise intrigues people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Simply put, one person will propose a situation that evokes an ethical dilemma. It’s then up to everyone else to create a solution that offers a favorable outcome. With so many perspectives in play, participants will have to meet in the middle. As a result, problem-solving and decision-making will be hard at work.

Who’s Lying?
Mystery has a way of bringing people together. It’s for this reason why this game is a hit. One player will be assigned the role of the liar. Only the fibber will be privy to this information. Everyone will go around the room sharing a tidbit about their family, marriage, younger years, etc. When it gets to the liar, they’ll have to bend the truth. Once everyone’s shared, they’ll have to combine efforts to determine who was fabricating their story.

What Am I?
Everyone will be given a notecard to place on their forehead. To figure out what or who they are, they’ll have to ask the person next to them a pointed question. The players will have to get good at reading their teammates if they want to win. As the questions unravel, competitiveness will soar, which will stimulate deeper connections and team spirit.

Marshmallow Mayhem
From the ticking clock to the mounting pressure, stress levels will intensify during this game. This factor will compel participants to find common ground and solve problems. With 60 seconds on the clock, co-workers will have to stack 20 marshmallows. Using the limited resources at their disposal, they’ll have to develop a sturdy structure. Communication, leadership dynamics, and team effort will play huge roles in this icebreaker exercise.

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