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Fun and Engaging Team Building Activities

If you run or manage a business, you must take steps to keep your team on the same page. Your team can get bored with their work and lose morale. You face productivity issues if that happens, a trap into which you don't want to fall. If you would like to overcome that issue and keep your team's morale up, make sure you engage in the right team building activities.

Team-building activities encourage trust and improve teamwork. The right team-building activities take your results to a whole new level, and you will be happy when you see the outcome you achieve. Depending on the size of the company, you might go somewhere else for your event.

Some companies use escape rooms and other large events to reach their goals, but that is not always the best option for smaller companies. You can find plenty of smaller activities you can do at the office. Explore these activities to decide which ones you and your team will use.  

Campfire Stories
Sharing campfire stories is a great way to bond with your team. You can come up with different variations of this activity depending on the size of your team. Schedule time for your team to get together and share workplace stories. Use themed stories for the best results.

You can come up with funny or interesting stories that grab attention. When you want to improve the impact of this activity, lead the way with stories from your past and how you started your business. Take your results further by ordering pizza for your team. They will notice, and you will enjoy the outcome.  

Workplace Trivia

Keeping everyone updated on the latest workplace rules and standards is not always easy. People don't want to spend free time reading employee handbooks. If there are training procedures your team must follow, workplace trivia is also a great option. Come up with the top questions you want people to remember. You then create trivia questions about workplace education and rules.

If you have a projector, get creative by using trivia creation software that improves your results. The goal is to make learning about the workplace as fun as possible, which helps people remember what you teach them. You can use trivia to inspire teamwork. Get people to work in teams to see who can answer the most questions. If you want to get everyone's attention, offer small prizes to those who answer the most questions.

Tied Together

Tied together is another great activity for you and your team to try. With tied together, you break your workforce into small teams and tie them together. You can tie two or more people together depending on the activity you have in mind.

During this event, teams compete in races, obstacle courses and other challenges to see who wins. You can make people stay with the same team the entire time, or you can let people switch teams during the event. Come up with several games to try while your team is tied together, and get their feedback on other things to try during the event. This event encourages your team to work together and build trust.

Truth and Lies

Try truth and lies when you want your team to bond. Truth and lies gets your team to open up and break the ice, making it easier for them to get to know each other. When you try this game, your team will develop three truths and one lie about themselves.

They write the answers down and get ready to play. Teams pair up and begin sharing the four facts about themselves, and the other person has to guess which fact is a lie. Keep track of which person answers the most questions correctly. After each round, rotate the teams so that everyone interacts with each other.

Make the event even more interesting by encouraging your supervisors and managers to join. By the time you finish, everyone will feel loosened up and know a little more about each other. Truth and lies is a great classic you and your team will enjoy.

Building Bridges

Building bridges is a great game for inspiring teamwork and collaboration. Your team needs communication and problem-solving skills to complete this exercise. Split your teams up into several groups, giving them all the supplies they need to craft a bridge. Half the team creates half the bridge, and the other half of the team creates the other half of the bridge.

The teams then work together to put the entire bridge together. The team that builds their bridge first wins. Make sure you have quality standards so that people don't cut corners along the way. When you use the right approach, building bridges is a fun game that helps boost team morale.      

Blindfold Maze

Blindfold maze is a great game for getting your team to trust each other. Using tape or other markers, create a maze on the floor for your team to complete. Some people use traffic cones if they have them on hand. You pair your teams up and let them get to work. One member of the team gets blindfolded and must complete the maze. The other member of the team has to give verbal instructions to the blindfolded person.

Final Thoughts

Get your teams to work together and have fun. This boosts team morale in more ways than one, and you will enjoy the results you get. These fun games break the ice and inspire your team to open up to each other. Create a list of fun games for your team to play on a regular basis for the best results possible. Let your team offer suggestions if you don't want them to feel left out.

When your team comes up with fun games, they feel included and are much more likely to work with you. Make a list of your favorite games. When you want to get the most from your team, finding fun ways to get them to work together is a great way to reach that goal.

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Alan Burnham