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The People Ops Specialist will work on a wide variety of tasks and projects that are critical to the success of the People Ops organization. Some of these tasks and projects include being the first touch point for inquiries from our internal team members, provisioning platform access (adding, removing and changing access as needed), auditing people ops processes, measuring the efficacy of current processes and more.

General Responsibilities Include:

What a Successful 90 Day Review Looks Like

You’ve received a score of 3 for meeting our exceedingly high expectations throughout this review cycle. Here are several things you’ve accomplished in your first 90 days that resulted in this score:

  1. You ramped up quickly, taking over the management of our internal data systems completely by day 15, created the definition of data integrity and the method of measuring data integrity by day 30, and had completed your first data integrity audit by day 35. From here, you provided the results and expected deliverables to the team, and were able to get all deliverables actioned by day 45, resulting in a data integrity score of 95%.
  2. You currently maintain a personal average satisfaction rating of 4.5/5 for the quality and timeliness of responses to our internal team members, and have raised the overall feedback participation from an average of  41% to 65% in your first 90 days here.
  3. Through platform audits that you completed within your first 30 days, there were no instances where an exited team member had not been removed/deactivated from a platform. Additionally, you followed clues in your weekly platform audits that resulted in two process changes to the way we provision platform access.
  4. You proactively identified at least two security risks through the platform audits and defect hunts you’ve conducted, and have implemented a corresponding SMART plan to address each of them.
  5. You increased the speed of our team response time to platform access requests by 10%, and used the clues from those access requests to develop at least one WBD that addressed a root problem with our company access.
  6. You developed a new, scalable system for organizing our groups in Confluence, Gmail and Slack, and created a digital directory that synchronized all this data into one place.

Need to Have Experience:

Nice to Have Experience:

Required Values

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