Talent Acquisition and People Experience Designer
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We at create more valuable relationships. Specifically, we help companies to interact more valuably and meaningfully with their customers through data-driven contracting. We have developed an AI-enabled SaaS-Contract technology that combines sales enablement with legal automation to close more valuable deals faster.

Our team is made-up by an experienced team of tech-enthusiasts as well as hacking geniuses, who have already successfully built several companies. Right now is an exciting time to join a team that is applying machine learning and cutting-edge microservices to further its development.

We are currently looking for you as a remote talent acquisition and people experience designer - a chief hapiness officer ;) to become part of our pioneering work. Together we want to create more valuable and efficient contracting processes in a customer-centric manner. Exciting challenges, start-up experience and a great team are waiting for you.

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